Mounting Of Black Towel Hook In Bathrooms

Posted On By Max Burgess

furniture feets

Furniture and towel stands are some of the extra features which are part of the construction building and bathrooms. Structural additions are the small details that help to revolutionize and transform the overall look of different complex home designs. Furniture is the result of assembly of different sized and formatted wooden or metallic parts that completes the architectural version of furniture. Furniture feets are sometimes the least focused part of it but needs proper highlighted due to the excessive stress over them. These feets are separate entities which are later fixed to specific position on the base part of the furniture. These are variable in sizes, shapes colors, carvings, materials and different technical parameters. Whereas in terms of the towel stands that are positioned at specific height in bathrooms, hooks, knobs, handles, rails and bars etc. Black towel hook is matte in texture and material which is durable to some extent. These are stainless steel hooks which are black in color that act as independent accessories in rural as well as urban bathroom spaces.

Furniture feets

Attachment of base portions in the bottom of furniture is necessary for lifting the products from the ground level. These small accessories are called as furniture feets, which provide a padding comfort level to the furniture set. There are wide varieties of furniture feets available as standard and even in customization facility. These are availabilities of ball foot, bracket foot, bun foot, French foot, claw and ball, cloven and club foot versions of base parts for furniture.

Furniture feets are basically the bottom feature which connects the furniture to the floor, thus aiding in protection from hard floors. The dimensional structure of furniture will determine the number, size and style of feet that are to be fixed under the item. The load and strength of furniture product will also estimate the strength of feet.

Black towel hook

A differently styled and sculpted towel stand is the black towel hook which is matte in texture and particularly black in color variation. The color grading of hook varies from black to grey.  The hook is stainless steel, copper or even iron in material. The installation of black towel hook is easy to manage and maintain for long term as it is durable. The lavatory essential also include these hooks on which towels are hanged, placed, left over and dried after taking a bath.

Black towel hook is mounted to a substantial position which can be access easily without any hurdle. These black matte hooks are soft and comfy in touch, thus, no hard complication as that with steel are encountered. Such hooks can be decorative to match home bathroom design and can be even kept completely simple.


Furniture feets are the most important part of al types of furniture as these provide a base raise to the product. Black towel hook is matte in construction and black in color, which is different from conventional hooks and handles.