steel beams

The purpose of the beams is to give support to the building. The purpose is to hold the heavy load of the building to ensure that it provides adjoining support to the structure. There are different types of steel beams in brisbane  that you can acquire. These classifications are made according to their shapes and the different modes of manufacturing.

  1. I Beam, or Universal Beam is unique because they are made with the steel section within. In certain structures, there are steel columns that are further linked to the beams to hold all kinds of loads. They exert more strength in the vertical direction. The section has more length than width. If the height and the width are the same in their measurement, these I beams are known by the name H beams. In this case, the height and the flange width are just the same. The other versions of the I beam are the W and the S sections. They are undoubtedly highly recommended, just like the mono steel stair stringers, but they are not heat resistant. The beams get easily deformed when they get heated, or they are exposed to extreme temperatures.
  2. Plate Girder is a special kind of beam that is used for constructing bridges. These beams can be easily customized according to the kind of project. They can also be customized to be part of the railway tracks. The beam is created by adding together the flangers and the web. It by no means matches the style of the rest of the beams. It is important to keep checking the welding while the three plates are connected.
  3. Gantry Girder is a mechanically constructed beam. It is used to load and move heavy goods. There are several ways to use these beams. It holds the load firmly and stays strong, just like the mono steel stair stringers. These beams have a complex design, and they are crafted out of the hot-rolled sections.
  4. Composite Beams are combo steel beams made with multiple materials, usually two or more. These beams are effectively being used in the construction of all kinds of structures. The combo often includes steel beam and slab or steel beam and concrete beam. The former kind of beam comes with the shear studs connected with the steel posts and beams so that they get embedded in the concrete. It is not thought to be an economical choice.

Besides these popular forms of steel beams, other types like “C” channels and “L” angles are not widely used.