Magnetic Glass White Boards Are A New Trend That Could Take Your Learning At A Next Level


Magnetic glass white boards are a popular demand as they are the classical game changer of the white boards. They are the latest picture in the white board industries. They are a lot times different than the usual white boards as they actually are made of glass and are magnetic too from the corners so that one can stick important notes and stuff with them during the presentation. The perfectly available magnetic glass white boards are usually made use in notice boards areas around the companies and also in the meeting area rooms. 

Attributes of a magnetic glass whiteboard available at UPW:

Durable: Magnetic glass white boards have the finest thing about their frictionless texture that makes them durable and smoother. Quality ensures the durability of a product. Our white boards are of plain good quality and they are made with a wider glass plain which keeps them solid upon sudden falls too.

Non-porous finish: good quality glass is always non-porous and it has no bubbles inside that are a sign of weak glass. Non-porous finish makes the glass white board more intact and though the water is not getting absorbed the durability of the board increases by two fold. The quality of magnetic white boards available at UPW are of solid good quality and our customers are really satisfied by the end result. 

Real glass surface: It is often heard by the people who buy magnetic glass white boards that the surface is rough because the quality is not the same as a glass surface should be. This thing is highly brought into consideration in our shop. We make fine quality glass with a perfect surface.

Friction less: Original glass is always thought to be friction less and smoother. The type of glass on which the writing is smoother makes a better glass board. So, while choosing a magnetic glass board always cross check the quality of it. We have amazing quality glass whiteboard Melbourne available. We deal in all types of sizes and shapes of them.

Easier to clean and sanitized: White board should always be something that is cleaned easily and is sanitized also. And most importantly it never loses the intact of its quality after the cleaning and washing. Because this makes the idea clear that the glass used in that certain white boards was not of good quality and that it got rough after sanitization process.

Our services:

We deal in high quality whiteboards. Our prior concern is always the satisfaction of our customers. We have delivery services within our company rules too. We make sure that our customer receives the best quality of our products.