Laser The Fast Aging

Almighty has made us to live, pray and age to die. In modern time things have changed drastically but, still unable to beat the nature and natural procedures. From test tube babies to permanent hair removal everything is almost there in the medical sciences. Is there anything which can stop us from aging? Or can we stop the time to stay young and fit? For the previous statement the answer is: YES! We can at least stop looking aged. We all are aware of the participation of laser beams in cosmetic surgeries and treatments, so here is the deal, fellas! One can now remove those fine lines on the face called (wrinkles). The first and the foremost identification of an aged person are wrinkles around lips, near eyes and on forehead.

Skin care is too complicated there are so many factors which can impact our skins, some of the factors are controllable and some are macros. From sleeping to dietary habits everything effects our skin positively or negatively, as per the research conducted in UK 42.5% of people who are irritated due to poor skin surface, are those who are not sleeping 8 hours daily at night (now one can understand the significance of sleep) anyways, now that you have wrinkled, scaly, uneven, acned skin what to do? Laser skin treatment is the answer. It is worth mentioning before you even think of the treatment that, laser treatment is not for the stretch marks it’s for the lines (wrinkles on the face). In medical world this wrinkle removing and treatment of skin are known as ‘laser resurfacing’ and more technically this procedure is called ‘lasabrasion’ or sometimes ‘laser vaporization’.

For cosmetic reasons there are two types of laser treatments available, ablative and non-ablative. In order to remove issues like wrinkles and lines on the facial skin. In common language an ablative laser treatment works only on the top most layer of the skin so to remove the wrinkles ablative laser is required. Whereas, non-ablative laser is something which deepens inside the skin without touching the top later of the skin. And this type is used for the cure of acne and other skin related issues. Skin tightening and pigmentation are two more things which are inter-related to skin laser treatment. However, if one has a dark skin and more than average acne definitely laser resurfacing is not suitable for them, on the other hand if those fine lines are there near the eyes, mouth and forehead than opt this reasonable treatment in order to slow down the aging process. CO2 laser resurfacing, erbium laser resurfacing are some more options, the latest one is CO2 treatment in order to remove tiny thin damaged skin layer with reasonable heat which takes around two weeks to recover. Fellas! The best thing is to consume green veggies, drink plenty of water and sleep 8 hours per day, workout daily and have mercy on the skin you got. Clear and clean skin is blessings of Almighty just take good care of it and stop aging fast.

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