Horses And Horse Race

Strength, athleticism, tough legs and loyalty these are some ingredients to make a perfect horse. God has created this animal so uniquely and with so unique characteristics that no other animal can compete against these quality of a horse. They always talk about the loyalty of two animals one is horse and the other is dog.  

Due to these attribute a horse is devoted for many purpose but the most profitable devotion is a ‘Horse Race’ millions and billions are gambled on horses. Historically from Ancient Greece, Babylon and Syria this race ideas were generated and now this has become a famous sport and some countries are quite famous for horse races. For those who never witnessed this, can imagine a lap same as car race lap where two or more horses competes against each other and whoever proves to be the fastest beats the other one. Prizes and values of horses are decided on the basis of their abilities to win the race. After the introduction of horse races the business or breeding of horses came in picture. Now there are so many stables out there in the market, which provides services for the horses they clean horses, breed them, prepare them for next level races, make them eligible for lucrative commercial races, in addition horses are considered among expensive animals. Diet of a horse and the maintenance requires a lot of money. Race horse auctions in Victoria have many kinds most commonly known types are: obstacle races, races over a distance, running on track surfaces and in different gaits. 

Usually we all can see a man making the horse run and that man is known as ‘jockey’. Although there is a concept that the more you push the more a horse will run on the track. Despite of this, the truth lies in the nature of a horse. Ok to make it simpler! A horse will automatically start running, if he is among other horses, which means a horse doesn’t have the sense of winning or losing he just run because other horses around him are running (it’s his nature to running after seeing other horses running). So technically a jockey do nothing except for riding on a horse. Like any other human athlete a horse’s diet is checked, altered and managed according to the type of race and the overall health of a horse. For instance: for an obstacle race a horse is required to lose some weight in order to balance the weight of the jockey and the weight of the horse itself, whereas the weight needs to remain stable while on a normal track race. In a nutshell flat racing, jump racing, harness racing and endurance racing are some types of horse racing all over the world. This animal is quite strangely intelligent as, human can make a horse dance as well strange but true. race-horses

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