Choosing The Right Colour For The Right Room

Painting your room all white so you can doodle a rock star that you’re a diehard fan of or pink because well, anything pink can automatically make you feel better like a bag of chips and chicken nuggets might sound familiar to you. Usually when it comes to painting our houses, we go with what we like or what’s mainstream to match we the trend that lasts a tad bit longer than your phone battery. However whether you know it or not, colours can stir and affect emotions, liven up or agitate your already upset mood and actually speak to you in a universally known non-verbal language. And it’s important to consider them when you’re painting to create an emotionally healthy house. Read below to be enlightened about it.

Living Room.

When it come to your living room, colours like yellow orange and especially red are highly advised by Kate Smith, a colour consultant in L.A. These colours create a sense of enthusiasm and are said to give out vibes of excitement and happiness. Now red living rooms are found to be rare these days, especially with the modern colour pallets that are used by painters of T Harris Painting. But if you want to make sure you don’t sit around awkwardly when you’ve got visitors, or spark up conversations with your kids who look like they’d rather be in their rooms enjoying solitude, then this is one way to set the mood and establish a feeling of connection.


Finding yourself staring at your phone for what seem like hours while your nice fat law books or your documents that are due in an hour are screaming for attention might sound familiar especially if you’re a pro at procrastinating. To make learning and work easier, colour psychologists say that its best if you can have your walls painted in green. But you may wonder how especially when all what green reminds you of is slimy green frogs or the disgusting mould that’s growing in the corner of your school restroom. However colours can affect neurological pathways in the brain and telling your house painters Perth Hills to use green for your study room will help you focus better and enable long term concentration. Blue is also recommended if you want to get productive with your work.


Sunshine. Happy vibes and positive energy. Also lemonade! All these comes in yellow and so should your kitchen. Yellow can actually make you feel energetic and lively and if you’re like me and are likely to set the house on fire whenever you step into kitchen because cooking and you aren’t really great friends, then throw in some yellow to cheer you up. Also green, the colour of earth can help you cook healthy and make you feel naturally energized so the next time you want to cook something you don’t have to drag your feet like you’re about to be executed.


Ultimately your bedroom is where you’re getting your rest. But when you’re already feeling tired all day and your eyes are wide as saucers when the night creeps in the last thing you want is your atmosphere embracing fun and excitement. 2AM isn’t when you can practice weird dance moves or ponder on how to start a new Business venture. If you want to stay health and sleep on time, use cool and calming colours like blue and lavender. This will set a relaxing and calming effect whilst the darker the tone is, the more likely you’ll get energetic and active.

Dining Room.

Basically for all the food lovers out there this could be the place where you’re allowed to do what you’re best at. Eat. Dining rooms that are painted in orange will stimulate warmth and vibrancy and most importantly, increase your appetite. Ha! Like you already don’t have it. Brown is also a recommended colour since it creates a relaxing ambiance and this is important specially if you’re going through panic induced and stressful mornings. Paint them walls brown, and sip your coffee in peace.

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